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Harry’s Wine Club

From the vast array of wines we taste each month, we select the best we can find from around the world in our specific price categories. Every other month we feature different red & white, non-sweet dinner wines. The categories range from under $15 per selection up to $50 per selection and each quarter we offer one highly thought of wine in our “Cellar Selection” for under $50. We simply charge your credit card the club price (+ tax) on the 20th of each month and send you a copy of your monthly Harry’s Cellar Notes. We have no entry fees, bin storage fees or other hidden costs. You can change your category at any time. We do ask for a minimum of a six month membership.

To Get Started: Pick one or more of the Club Levels and determine if you want a red, white or both. Fill out the form below or stop in the store and discuss what you are looking for!

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